RVGGP Results

2016 Results

4The main prize – Fastest Time – was won by Phil Norris. Entering for the second year Phil improved on 2015, when he came third, by lopping 6.33secs off his best time from last year. Second was last year’s winner Kenton Williams. Third was first time entrant Phil Powers.

Please note a dead-heat for Top Speed. In fact four carts topped out at 29mph meaning that, for the second year running, the opportunity to legally exceed the speed limit on the closed roads was squandered! Many thanks to RADAR volunteers from Ringmer for measuring the speeds.

With a dead-heat we look back to see who had the fastest second-best speed which revealed that Kenton Williams and Phil Norris had identical top speeds throughout the four runs (28, 29, 29 & 29mph). Robert Whitmore & Phil Powers both also got to 29mph and both had second-best top speeds of 28mph but Robert’s third-best run, also 28mph, pipped Phil by 1mph.

Longest Run – First time entrant Phil Powers coasted further than anyone else at a shade under 260m beyond the timing finsh-line. This is another improvement on last year going 22m further.

Best Cart – voted for by a ballot of the marshals, stewards and other volunteers without whom we couldn’t have any of the fun. A clear majority voted for Phil Powers’ sleek, red, “Alfaholic”. Based on an old canoe Phil created a lovely looking machine that was a fitting tribute to the Alfa Romeo marque he craves – but has never owned.3

RVGGP 2016 Result Table

Competition Detail Place Cart No. Name
Fastest Time
43.09s 1st 9 Phil Norris
43.41s 2nd 3 Kenton Williams
44.22s 3rd 12 Phil Powers
Top Speed
29mph 1st 3 Kenton Williams
29mph 1st 9 Phil Norris
29mph 3rd 4 Robert Whitmore
Longest Run
259m 1st 12 Phil Powers
255m 2nd 9 Phil Norris
251m 3rd 3 Kenton Williams
Best Cart
1st 12 Phil Powers

 2015 Results




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